About Jordan shoes

Air jordan 11 is the history of the SNEAKER indelible classic, on sale in 1996, Jordan himself has more than once in public to express their own soft spot for the 11 generation.
This is the history of basketball shoes, the first dual-use patented design works, it makes the shoes is not easy to pull stretch, light and gorgeous, looks more like a beautiful sports car shell. The upper nylon material completely reduce the overall weight, in the AIR JORDAN 11 series of history, but also a lightweight milestone was born.
Tinker and the design team used high-speed photography to capture Jordan's motion on the court, screened and analyzed the movement of shoes under the state changes, and ultimately found the problem, and to determine the full palm in the sole to join the carbon fiber board. This technique, initially applied to football shoes, has the effect of preventing the shoes from distorting and correcting the soles quickly. After the shoes are deformed by force, they can recover quickly and give the guards a faster start-up speed. To highlight this Highlights, they also decided to re-use soles bottom design of the crystal. Carbon fiber support plate has become the future of the top basketball shoe logo.